Step One
Step One

Fill in an application form on our website

Step Two
Step Two

Review and sign the contract we send via email

Step Three
Step Three

Receive your money within 24 hours of approval

Who borrows from us.  (We have a 95% approval rate)

  • People with good credit that have the ability to borrow wherever they want but like the convenience and fast service we offer.
  • New immigrants or younger people just starting out that can’t get approved elsewhere due to lack of credit history.
  • People that declared bankruptcy or credit proposal in the past.
  • Anybody that has damaged their credit in the past and wants to rebuild it with us.
  • People that only want a short term loan for an unexpected emergency.
  • Caregivers and contract workers

How much does it cost to borrow

For simple calculation of a CASH LOAN it is 4% per month or $40.00 per $1000.00 borrowed. For a TRAVEL NOW PAY LATER loan it is 3% per month or $30.00 per $1000.00.

We have a higher % interest rate annually than the banks and other major financial institutions but at the end in most cases it is cheaper to borrow from us because our loans are given in short terms only. Compared to pay day loan companies we charge considerably less. For example some payday loan companies would charge more than $100.00 interest for 2 weeks on a $500.00 loan and you have to pay it back in full on your next payday. Philippine Financial charges $12.50 interest for 2 weeks on a $500.00 loan and it can be repaid over a 4 month term.

There are no hidden costs and the loan agreement is very straight forward. Interest is not being deducted at the time of the loan. The client gets the full amount of money they’re borrowing.

How fast is it to apply, acquire a loan and get your money (all can be done within 60 minutes)

To apply for and acquire a loan you may visit our convenient location at Pacific Place Mall, beside T&T supermarket.  Go to the entrance near Canadian Tire and we are the first business on the left when you enter. Or you can apply online through this website and after you are approved our friendly staff will call you to arrange the signing of all loan documents through your e-mail and the money will be directly deposited in your account. You may also call our Calgary office at 403-452-8599 for locally or toll free if you live outside Calgary 1-877-249-3903 to make application and after you are approved you can sign all documents through email and your money will be directly deposited in your bank account.


Am I Eligible For a Loan?

  • You must have a stable full time job.
  • We require proof of employment (working permit or recent paystub).
  • We require proof of residence (a bill with your address and name on it).
  • A Bank Account in your name.

Have Some Questions?

Philippine Financial provides loans ranging from $500 to $15,000.
Feel free contact a member of our team to learn more about loan approvals.

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